Timeshare Beaches and Tsunami Debris – What You Need To Know

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If you own a timeshare chances are that there is a beach nearby. Yes there are inland timeshare resorts, but a huge number of timeshare properties are located on or near a beach.

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan on March 11 was one of the five most powerful on record, so forceful that it sent a 25-foot wall of water smashing into the islands. As the ocean receded, it dragged with it buildings, cars, boats, garbage, and God only knows what else. Japanese officials estimated that 25 million pounds of wreckage was swept out to sea.

Where has this wreckage gone? Drifting in the Pacific Ocean.

At first, a few scientists were predicting massive debris fields washing up in Hawaii and the west coast of the US. Now NOAA is saying that the debris field has scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Still, timeshare vacationers should pay attention to unusual debris they come across when they travel to any Pacific beach locations. The debris is going to be hard to identify as from Japan, but some bits and pieces may help scientists better understand ocean currents and the long term impact of tsunami debris. Some speculate that the debris may still show up on our beaches over the next three or four years.

NOAA has an email address dedicated to marine debris reports, should something fishy turn up on your beach.

In the mean time, enjoy your well deserved timeshare vacation on some of the hottest vacation beaches of the world!

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