They Said I Needed An Appraisal To Sell My Timeshare

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Wyndham Branson Timeshare For Sale

Wyndham Branson Timeshare For Sale

“No they didn’t.”

That’s the short answer. Is getting a piece of paper that has the words “Timeshare Appraisal” on it possible?  Yes.

Is is possible that the “Timeshare Appraisal” is accurate? Not Likely! Here’s why.

Most peoples’ experience in selling properties is in their residential home experiences. When you sell your home you can get a Comparable Market Analysis based on recent closed sales in the area, an inspection, and a data driven answer to the question of what your home is worth. There will be a lot of homes to choose from to find comparable sales prices. So there is plenty of information to form an opinion on price.

AppraisalTimeshareBut with timeshares, where would you find such data? The data for a CMA for a residential home comes from MLS records. 99% of timeshares are not sold through any MLS. So there is little data to give you any meaningful information about the possible resale value of your timeshare. The key word there is “meaningful”. Some websites offer a “appraisal certificate” or some other term to validate to you what your timeshare is worth. But is always comes at a cost.

In my honest opinion, a timeshare appraisal is not worth the paper it is written on unless it is supported by specific comparable closed sales within the last six months. Often you can find a company that will come up with a random number that will make you happy. But that is not what you need or want. Getting an overinflated notion of you timeshares’ value is not the way to start off preparing to sell your timeshare.

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There is one timeshare broker that has 30 years of timeshare sales data, but even still you can never predict what a timeshare will ultimately sell for – regardless of what the original timeshare salesman told you. Look at this huge list of timeshare resorts that have been sold on the resales market.

What is your timeshare worth? It is worth using. If you can’t use it, then sell it and expect to get maybe 50% to 75% of what you paid for it.

You don’t have to have an appraisal to sell your timeshare. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either trying to help you part with some of your money or is just uninformed (that’s nice for stupid). To sell your timeshare you just need a buyer willing to pay the price you are asking and someone to finish the details.

My 2 cents.

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