The Timeshare Guarantee Exit Program

 Oct, 10 - 2012   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

The Guarantee Exit Program. The word “guarantee” implies certainty that something can happen – without fail. In my experience, especially in timeshares, nothing is a guarantee. Remember when you bought your timeshare and there was a “promise” that you could exchange your timeshare anywhere in the world? That didn’t quite meet your expectations, did it?

What about the word “exit”? If you are a timeshare owner and want to dump your timeshare the word exit is a good word. It means something is leaving. Notably the annual maintenance fees and hassle of dealing with a non responsive timeshare resort or timeshare property owners’ association.

Then there’s the word “program”. That implies that there is a plan to eliminate your name from your timeshare. As long as they live up to getting your name off the deed what do you care what their plan is? You care if they fail to deliver, you paid a fee, and still get those maintenance fee bills. Duped again.

The best way to dump your timeshare without losing your shirt is to sell it. Sell it for whatever you can get. Sell your timeshare for what a buyer is willing to pay. THAT is the way to get your name off the deed once and for all and have some money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Exit your timeshare. Sell it.

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