The Disappearing Timeshare

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As I get older I frequently find myself searching for things like my car keys, glasses, and wallet.  You may know the feeling! So when I went to book my vacation with XYZ Timeshare Resort I knew I owned a certain week there but it was gone! What I mean is as soon as I submitted my request I was notified it was not available.

“On a hunch” I went to a wholesale travel website and, believe it or not, it was there – for rent for over $500 a night!

My timeshare was hijacked by an online travel site on the web: $539 – $519 – TripAdvisor $519

So how do I go about getting my week at the timeshare resort back? Seriously? I paid for it several years ago, kept up with the maintenance fees, upgraded from a deeded week to points, paid the upgrade fees, and now they tell me I have to rent it from I’ll never get it back and it is too late to trade.

This is happening at all the timeshare resorts: They rent out tons of weeks (OUR WEEKS) to non owners with the hopes of selling them timeshares. Plus, the rooms were already paid for by us – the owners – and maintained by our annual maintenance fees.

I give up!

Rather than let it get under my skin one more day I am going to dump this timeshare. I know it was a mistake to buy it in the first place, although it seemed like a good idea at the time. Before I bought my timeshare the timeshare sales people explained in detail how it would save me money. After I bought the timeshare the developer continuously came up with ways to extract more money so I could use what I thought I had already paid for.

Imagine buying a new car where most of the parts are guaranteed to fail in the first year, but the sales people never tell you about it. That is how I felt after I bought my timeshare: rising fees, special assessments, unable to trade or bank it without more costs, and a decline in value that is worse than owning stock in Enron!

The con game being played after I bought the time share is just too much to deal with. I’m going to sell my timeshare and be done with it once and for all!

Thanks to Crash for inspiration for this story!

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