The 10 Most Haunted Places in America – Part 3

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Riddle House Palm Beach Florida

Riddle House Palm Beach Florida

Wrapping up this series on the most haunted places in America, here are the spooky haunts of Riddle House Florida, and two especially terrifying locations in Las Vegas. Conveniently nearby are magnificent timeshare resorts that are guaranteed not to be occupied by previously (and ghostly) alive vacationers!

Riddle House, Florida

The Riddle House in Royal Palm Beach is reportedly haunted by the spirit of Joseph, a former employee of the original owner Karl Riddle, who hanged himself in the attic after being falsely accused of a crime. Moved from its original location in West Palm Beach, the house was featured on the TV series Ghost Adventures.

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Las Vegas, NV

The Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas is said to haunted by famous celebrities. The Travel Channel’s Zack Bagans conducted a scientific survey of the wax museum. What did he find? In an interview with he revealed:“The result was very interesting, and we also captured some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena). We haven’t fully reviewed all of our audio and video evidence yet, but we did in fact capture what appears to be a couple of mist-like anomalies in the downstairs Viva Las Vegas rooms.  The most fascinating findings, which we believe the staff there has also seen through our interviews with them, an apparition in ‘70’s attire walking around near where the old Copa Room was. We strong believe, by using a communication device designed by leading scientist Bill Chappell, that we communicated with this spirit.”

La Palazza Mansion Las Vegas

La Palazza Mansion Las Vegas

La Palazza Mansion (1700 Bannie Avenue) in Las Vegas is reported to be haunted by spirits that were rumored to be sacrificed or killed by the mafia. The home was featured on Ghost Adventures. It’s believed that the house was a former mob house. There are a lot of secret rooms in the mansion. There is one room that the former owner discovered by accident. It was a steel door with two golden swan towel racks on each side. The doorway led to a room where it appeared that many people had been murdered there. That’s a good reason to suspect a haunting!

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