The 10 Most Haunted Places In America – And The Best Timeshares To Stay In – Part 1

What better time to talk about haunted houses, towns, hotels, asylums, and other spooky places than before Halloween?!

Plus as you know this blog throws in the best lodging advice on the web for your vacation travels. Renting or buying a timeshare is definitely the way to go and all these places have excellent timeshare choices to stay in.

Take a deep breath – here we go through the top ten most haunted places in America!

Jerome Arizona

Jerome Arizona – Haunted Hotel

Jerome, Arizona

Not too far from Sedona, Arizona is the little town of Jerome. Jerome, AZ is a former copper mining town with a strongly paranormal past. In the height of its history it had 15,000 residents. Today just 400 occupy the town. Legend has it that many more occupy the town, they’re just not living. One well known spirit is the working girl Sammie Dean, a prostitute who was strangled by a customer in the old Crib District. Her beautiful spirit roams the alleys looking for her killer who was never found.

Resort accommodations in nearby Sedona, Az include: Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados Sedona Summit Arroyo Roble Resort Hyatt Pinon Pointe Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort Villas at Poco Diablo Sedona Springs Villas of Sedona Sedona Pines Resort Wyndham Sedona

Flagstaff, Arizona

The Hotel Monte Vista has been welcoming guests since 1926, and some have chosen not to check out. Among the ghostly residents: a bank robber who was shot and stopped at the hotel bar for a drink (he died before he could finish it); two prostitutes who met their end in room 306; and a long-term boarder with a penchant for hanging raw meat from his chandelier who died in room 220. A ghostly bellboy rings at room 210, calling, “Room service” and disappearing when the door is opened, and guests and staff have reported hearing phantom music and disembodied voices. The Route 66 hotel has hosted Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne, who reported his own ghost encounter.

Flagstaff is home to several terrific timeshare resorts. Notably Wyndham Flagstaff Resort and Wyndham Flagstaff at Ridgewood.

Manhattan Bistro Haunted

Manhattan Bistro Haunted

New York, New York

You may get more than you planned for at dinner at the Manhattan Bistro (129 Spring Street), a French restaurant with a notable ghost. Juliana Elmore Sands was killed in this building in 1799 when she was thrown into a well in the basement. According to some ghost stories, her spirit, often called the Ghost of Spring Street, manifests itself as vapor rising from the kitchen floor and causes front-of-house mischief with flying ashtrays and shattered dishes.

Where else to stay in New York but the Manhattan Club!


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