Orange Lake Buys Silverleaf Timeshares

This has roughly doubled the size of Orange Lake / Holiday Inn timeshare resorts. Silverleaf […]

A Broker For Timeshares - Right Idea

Once you decide to sell your timeshare property, our team of professionals and affiliated licensed timeshare resale resorts specialists … Our experienced timeshare resale specialists can handle the transaction from start to […]

Timeshare Scams vs Legitimate Resales

the legitimate Timeshare Resales companies, brokers, and title companies get the same label with the bad […]

Mazatlan's Timeshares and Tours

These are available to rent, or to buy at a discount through a timeshare resale broker.
Occidental Resort Cozumel
RHC-Park Royal Cozumel
El Cid La Ceiba Cozumel – […]

Best Selling Timeshares in Florida

The good news for those who want to sell their timeshare is that if your timeshare is in this top ten list you do have a great chance of getting it sold sooner rather than later. This list of timeshare best sellers in Florida has been compiled from timeshare resales that have […]

New York Timeshare - Hilton and Manhattan Club Timeshares

Both the Manhattan Club and the West 57th Street by Hilton Club will get a huge amount of attention from the timeshare exchange community. […]

Tools For Selling Your Timeshare

At some point everyone will consider selling their timeshare. They may decide not to sell, but they will consider it. Part of that process for making the decision will be figuring out where to set the price – or decide what the timeshare is […]

Orlando's Best Selling Timeshares - Timeshare Resale Network

In 2011 Orlando timeshares continued to shine as some of the very best timeshares on the resale market. Based on current resales data from closed sales the top five best selling Orlando timeshares on the resale market […]

Top Selling Marriott Timeshares 2012

This list is compiled from real closed sales from around the world. Marriott Timeshares are some of the most popular selling timeshares on the market today. […]

Timeshare Videos - Interviews With Resales Experts!

Timeshare videos do exist on youtube and other video sites but most are CEO coat and tie guys selling something. These timeshare videos are of every day workers in the business . . […]

Anyone Thinking of a Timeshare Vacation in Yemen?

Any time there is a political uprising in a country, their travel and tourism totally goes away until things get back to normal. Closer to home, timeshares in Mexico have gotten a bad “aura” because of the […]

Marriott to Spin Off Timeshare Into New Company

Given the history, quality, and desirability of Marriott timeshares I see no real changes in store for timeshare […]

Mitt Romney Resigns from Marriott Board

Recently, Marriott International Inc (MAR) announced that Mitt Romney has resigned from the company’s board […]

Good News for the Timeshare Industry?

How will all of this impact the timeshare resales market? My prediction is that as people become more confident in the economy and credit issues are repaired timeshare resales will see a major […]