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Top Selling Bluegreen Timeshare Resales

Bluegreen timeshares are in great demand. This list came from real sales data from thousands of transactions. So here they are, the top ten best selling Bluegreen […]

Marriott Aruba Surf Club - Two Timeshares Sold Together

What could be better than owning a week at the fabulous Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club? Maybe owning TWO weeks at this awesome Aruba timeshare resort! Today’s featured sale is of two weeks at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club . . . […]

Top Ten Las Vegas Timeshare Resales

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Read This Before You Buy or Sell Your Orange Lake Timeshare

a study on showing that Orange Lake Country Club timeshares in Orlando Florida was their 3rd best selling timeshare over the last five years. […]

Aruba Timeshare and Travel Deals at

Aruba brings something magical to your vacation experience you’ve longed for when you buy Aruba Timeshare […]

If You Don't Sell Your Timeshare Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate.Your timeshare won’t sell itself. Wait much longer, and you’ll have yet another maintenance fee bill for something you don’t […]

Are You Sitting on a Pile of Timeshare Cash?

You just might be sitting on a pile of timeshare cash if you own a timeshare that you’d need to sell. It may not be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but, if you have a timeshare you are not using or can’t exchange it like you want you may as well sell it. . . . […]

Timeshare Resales - Affordable Luxury Equals Timeshare Resales

The initial cost of your timeshare should not be driven by the pressurized sales force at the resort. That’s why buying a timeshare resale is the best way to […]

Timeshare Vacations Worth The Time -

No doubt about it, you can buy a timeshare on the resales market for a fraction of the cost. And over time, it will factor into significant savings when you take the time to use the timeshare you […]

Orlando Timeshares - Disney World Nearby!

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Bluegreen Timeshare Resorts - I Never Knew There Were So Many!

There are quite a few owners of Bluegreen Timeshares. Chances are, you may own a Bluegreen timeshare and not even be aware of it. Why? . . . […]

New Timeshare Resort Near Sea World Orlando

A Flushing, New York, based developer has authorized their development division to start preliminary designs for a 1,400 unit timeshare resort that will be called Zena. Near Sea World Orlando Kissimmee Florida . .update . […]

Snow in Colorado Means Skiing Soon at Timeshare Ski Resorts!

More than a foot of snow fell on Colorado mountains, delaying flights and temporarily shutting down portions of the state’s major east-west highway. Here’s the latest snow report from Colorado: “the first snow of the season here in Denver hit ski country even harder, with Loveland reporting over 10 inches this morning at 5 a.m. […]

Labor Day Weekend & Timeshare Occupancy

If you had plans to go on a short vacation I would say go. But be sure to check first with the timeshare resort or other destination before you leave. Sell Timeshare. […]

Timeshare Videos - Resales Information Advice Insight -

Instructional videos are not new. But in the world of timeshares, videos with good information for owners and buyers of timeshares are hard to find. […]

Newest Timeshare For Sale – Hyatt Highlands Inn

Hyatt Highlands Inn timeshares have a lot going for them and this newest one on the market is a deal for sure! It is a floating week 47 Platinum Holiday annual use timeshare with 1,240 […]

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Hawaii Timeshare Resales Show Growth

In a recent study published by Stroman Realty, Inc, they reported that Hawaii timeshares resold over a five year period showed a sales price increase by an amazing […]