Orlando Timeshare Report - The Best in Sales So Far in 2015

So far in 2015 Orlando timeshares continue to shine as some of the very best timeshares on the resale market. […]

Best Selling Timeshares in Florida

The good news for those who want to sell their timeshare is that if your timeshare is in this top ten list you do have a great chance of getting it sold sooner rather than later. This list of timeshare best sellers in Florida has been compiled from timeshare resales that have […]

Read This Before You Buy or Sell Your Orange Lake Timeshare www.RPMLS.com

a study on www.rpmls.com showing that Orange Lake Country Club timeshares in Orlando Florida was their 3rd best selling timeshare over the last five years. […]

Orange Lake Timeshare For Sale - Real Deal!

After yesterday’s article about How Many Timeshares Are There in Orlando I came across this steal of a deal at Orange Lake Country Club – Holiday Inn Club Vacations! […]

Pacific Monarch Resorts Lays off 65 - Timeshare News

Pacific Monarch Resorts timeshares included 9 timeshare resorts which were bought up by Diamond […]

Timeshare Scam Employed 20 Orange County Work Release Inmates

What do you get when you combine a timeshare scam with a credit interest marketing firm? H.E.S. Systems.

With about 70 employees they were systematically convincing timeshare owners that they had their timeshare sold and all they needed was a couple of thousand dollars to get it closed. They took the money and did nothing in […]