The Latest Turn In the Starwood - Marriott - Anbang Timeshare Deal

Starwood (mainly Sheraton and Westin) timeshare intervals will be able to continue to use their options and points as […]

Combining A Spa Retreat With Timeshare

Marriott timeshare resorts, for example, have led the way with award winning spas and wellness centers that include yoga classes, Tai Chi, water […]

Great Vacation Destinations and Timeshares

What are the most popular vacation destinations where I can use my timeshare? […]

One Million Rooms Please - Marriott!

Last year in 2014 Marriott signed two new hotels a day – adding over 100,000 rooms in just that one […]

Newest Timeshares For Sale!

You can make an offer and write a contract on a sought after timeshare before most buyers knows it is […]

Manhattan Club - Here Comes Another Lawsuit

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

For many years the Manhattan Club (timeshare) on West 56th Street was the only timeshare lodging in the big apple. Others have arrived and the Manhattan Club owners are noticing a recurring problem at the Club: maintenance fees and lack of available rooms.

In fact, some of the 18,000 timeshare owners have […]

Houston and Las Vegas - Related Economic News

Somehow these two unrelated economic news stories caught my eye today and I thought needed to be mentioned: Hilton’s IPO and Houston’s #1 Export Ranking.

Hilton Grand Vacation Club Las Vegas Strip

First let’s look at Hilton’s IPO. Blackstone Group, LP, the owner of Hilton Worldwide Inc, took Hilton “private” in 2007 for $26.7 billion. This was […]

Timeshare And The Internet - Junk, Junk, and More Junk

I guess there’s no fear of duplicate content if you expect your Google search results to have the life expectancy of a Mayfly. Timeshare, Google, news, information, advice, […]

The GOOD News About Timeshares

The good news about timeshares is that they maintain the highest occupancy rates, boast the highest customer satisfaction ratings, 8 million people own them, and the resort developers are still […]

Pacific Monarch Resorts Lays off 65 - Timeshare News

Pacific Monarch Resorts timeshares included 9 timeshare resorts which were bought up by Diamond […]

Newest Timeshares For Sale - Featured Timeshare Properties

If you want the first shot at some of the newest timeshares for sale here you go! Just recently added for sale are these featured […]

Timeshare Headline News - March 2012 - The Resale Blog

News from around the world of timeshares. Timeshare resale blog. Headlines and links to the […]

Hilton's Statement on Timeshare Damage - Hurricane Irene

Then there’s the reassuring “most of our hotels” quote. “Most” is not the same as “All”. Translation: “Some of our hotels and resorts are NOT fully functional . . ” timeshare […]

Timeshare Headlines Today

For those who do not follow timeshare news, you might be asking yourself, “What is newsworthy in the world of timeshares?” Thousands of investors and hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners and workers feel the effects of transactions made by the resorts, some resorts close, some reopen, some offer special discounts from time to time.

So […]

The Future of Timeshare Resales - Economic Analysis

“Their currency is strong. Business is booming. Their winters are long and they buy vacation properties in warm clients” says Matey Veissi, CIPS, CRS and Chair of the National Association of REALTORS®, Global Business Alliances Committee in her opening statement today at the annual NAR convention in New Orleans.

Wayne Stroman, CIPS, Broker and President of […]