I Love Paying The Maintenance Fee - Or Not

reports of maintenance fees arriving in timeshare owners’ mail boxes. For some of the timeshare owners the fees went up a HUGE […]

My Timeshare Fees Are Making Me Angry!

You have to make a decision. Do you sell your timeshare, give it away, or keep it? Keeping it requires a commitment to paying the maintenance […]

Will My Timeshare Resort Foreclose On Me?

Timeshare foreclosure auctions are also a great way for buyers to purchase more weeks at their favorite […]

What Does It Cost to OWN a Timeshare?

Timeshare maintenance fees dramatically impact the “saleability” of a timeshare. When you disclose that the annual maintenance […]

Timeshare Fees - Cable TV Fees - Airline Fees - Bank Fees

Now you should not feel so bad about paying a maintenance fee for a luxurious timeshare […]

Timeshare Values - What's It Worth?

Save yourself some aggravation and time and price your timeshare to sell fast. You will be happier and the maintenance fees will go […]

How Do I Sell My Timeshare? Part 3 - RPMLS.com

How do I sell my timeshare? RPMLS.com is the […]

Florida's Timeshare Resale Law - Good Points Bad Points

The law requires timeshare resellers to disclose that “There is no guarantee that your time-share […]

My Timeshare Has Been Damaged! What Do I Do?

While the buildings have insurance to make repairs, they lose revenue from lost occupancy. The normal maintenance fees would not be enough to cover the loss so along come “special […]

The Point At Poipu - When Timeshare Fees Triple

The Point at Poipu has roughly 13,000 deeded timeshare owners. And last year the homeowners association asked the owners to pay $65 million to make repairs for water […]

Disney Gets Ok To Raise Timeshare Fees

Now Disney has received permission from Hawaiian state regulators to raise their timeshare maintenance fees by […]

Makeover in Aruba for La Cabana Beach Timeshare Resort

La Cabana Beach Resort timeshare has just completed a $36 Million renovation. From the lobby to the rooms there is a beautiful new and fresh look at the La Cabana Beach Resort in Aruba. […]

President of Disney Vacation Club Fired! Timeshare News

Disney is refusing to say how many timeshares they contracted with this life long wrong fee. But they did say that they will adjust their timeshare fees for future timeshare sales (which in the meantime, have been suspended). RPMLS timeshare resales Disney Vacation […]

Silverleaf Timeshare Resorts Bought Out for $94 Million

Maybe a private equity firm would consider a low priced company like Silverleaf timeshares an investment. However, if you are thinking of buying a Silverleaf timeshare, or selling your Silverleaf timeshare, whatever you do, do not consider it an […]