Most Romantic Timeshare Getaways For Valentines Day

compilation of a number of well known and not so well known lists of romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day and timeshare […]

Roller Coaster Vacations - Best Places to Stay

The top list of Roller Coasters close to timeshare resorts. exchange for one of these locations or just stay there if you own a timeshare […]

Orlando Timeshare Report - The Best in Sales So Far in 2015

So far in 2015 Orlando timeshares continue to shine as some of the very best timeshares on the resale market. […]

Top Ten Fishing Destinations - Part 2

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Hawaii's Hottest Selling Timeshares - Resale 2015

practical is a list of the hottest selling timeshares on the resale market for Hawaii as of April, […]

The Tennessee Top Ten Timeshares

The best timeshares of the Volunteer State are: Town Square Resort Club, Bluegreen’s Mountain Loft, Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Glade, Wyndham […]

Top 25 Timeshare Resorts For Renting

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2015's Most Romantic Vacation Destinations

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Timeshare and Traveling With Pets

Ready to go on vacation with your pets?  Wondering if your timeshare resort is pet friendly?

Here’s a short guide to traveling well with your pets to keep both of you happy plus a list of pet friendly timeshares!

1.  Take Stock of Your Pet – Assess whether or not your pet is okay for travel. If […]

“Red Hot 25” Timeshare Resorts in 2014

Costa Linda Beach Resort Timeshare Aruba

According to who? Let’s just call them They have this timeshare top list every year at “” for rentals and sales. Their list is accumulated from “Top 25 ranking was determined by the e-mail alert preferences of the site’s more than 1.5 million registered users.” They even say […]

Top Ten Colorado Timeshares Sold

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Top Ten Fishing Vacation Destinations - Part 4

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Orlando's Best Selling Timeshares - Timeshare Resale Network

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Best Selling Hyatt Timeshares

Every timeshare owner wants to know how their timeshare stacks up against the others. Especially when it comes time to sell your timeshare. And now in order with the best at the top are the best selling Hyatt […]

Best Selling Bluegreen Timeshare Resorts

The number one best selling Bluegreen timeshare resort is La Cabana Beach Resort on Eagle Beach Aruba. Bluegreen timeshares offer a wide variety of locations, high customer satisfaction ratings, and superb […]