Timeshare Deeds - When

process of transferring your timeshare deed to another party has been elusive, if not completely frustrating. […]

Pending Changes to the Florida Vacation Plan and Timesharing Act

The Florida Vacation Plan and Timesharing Act is before the state legislature of Florida for some […]

Jamaica Approves Timeshare Vacations Bill

Timeshare resorts are finally on the way to Jamaica!

The House of Representatives passed the Timeshare Vacations Bill this week. It was developed by the Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Dr Wykeham McNeill. Having reviewed the research showing timeshare or vacation ownership to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the global hospitality industry, he […]

Bahamas - Timeshare Laws Need Improvement!

That’s what you get in a timeshare in the Bahamas – 40 years with a “right to […]

Florida's Timeshare Resale Law - Good Points Bad Points

The law requires timeshare resellers to disclose that “There is no guarantee that your time-share […]

Timeshare Scam Secrets Revealed!

Thanks to some hard work in law enforcement the timeshare scam business is on the decline. Plus, the tricks of these fraudsters are coming to light. […]

Low Points In Timeshare Scams

From a small newspaper in Stow, Ohio came today’s story of an unsuspecting and hopeful timeshare owner getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. Timeshare Scam Mail […]

Florida Time Share Resale Scams - New Law Needs Governor's Signature

New Florida timeshare resale law intends to curb timeshare scams and fraud. Time share resales […]

Colorado's House Bill 12-1116 - Timeshare Resales

Too bad the timeshare developers were not held to a higher standard when they put the pressure on the buyer to buy their timeshare. […]

Florida Timeshare Scams Inspire New Legislation

be sure to check out a timeshare resales company before doing business with them. Their ability to network with title companies, realtor/brokers, and handle negotiations . . . […]

Timeshare Telemarketer Admits $30 Million Fraud

The center of the fraud was when the employees of her company, Universal Marketing Solutions, told timeshare owners that they already had buyers for their timeshare. Then they would solicit several thousands of dollars for “closing […]