News Media Bait and Switch - Timeshare Scam

scam specialized in fleecing timeshare owners out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and defrauding the resorts as […]

Timeshare Scams vs Legitimate Resales

the legitimate Timeshare Resales companies, brokers, and title companies get the same label with the bad […]

Avoiding Timeshare Fraud

Only a professional real estate representative can handle the complexity in all the details to complete a timeshare resale […]

New Timeshare Scam Lurking

“For just $ XX we can recover all the fees you have paid to anyone to sell or transfer your timeshare”. Now you are hopeful that you will at least get your money back. time share […]

Manhattan Club - Here Comes Another Lawsuit

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

For many years the Manhattan Club (timeshare) on West 56th Street was the only timeshare lodging in the big apple. Others have arrived and the Manhattan Club owners are noticing a recurring problem at the Club: maintenance fees and lack of available rooms.

In fact, some of the 18,000 timeshare owners have […]

The GOOD News About Timeshares

The good news about timeshares is that they maintain the highest occupancy rates, boast the highest customer satisfaction ratings, 8 million people own them, and the resort developers are still […]

Transfer Your Timeshare When You Sell Your Timeshare

Check out what the timeshare resales pros can do for you. You can be confident that the largest and oldest network of brokers, title companies, sales reps, and escrow agencies are looking out for you. Transfer […]

Timeshare Scam - Defendant Getting Out Of Jail After 6 Years? is home to many such reliable timeshare specialists. […]

Federal Court Arrests 8 On Timeshare Fraud Charges

trust a licensed timeshare resale broker. They adhere to a code of ethics, are held […]

Timeshare Scam Secrets Revealed!

Thanks to some hard work in law enforcement the timeshare scam business is on the decline. Plus, the tricks of these fraudsters are coming to light. […]

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Timeshare - Complaints Filed With Florida Attorney General

101 Wyndham timeshare owners from 17 states have filed a complaint through an attorney with the Florida Attorney […]

Timeshare Blog Advises on Avoiding Scams

I came across a fairly good article today about How to Avoid Timeshare Scams. It give good advice on the biggest three tips: Avoid unlicensed salespeople – avoid unregistered businesses – find out if their employees have outstanding arrest […]

Low Points In Timeshare Scams

From a small newspaper in Stow, Ohio came today’s story of an unsuspecting and hopeful timeshare owner getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. Timeshare Scam Mail […]

Florida Time Share Resale Scams - New Law Needs Governor's Signature

New Florida timeshare resale law intends to curb timeshare scams and fraud. Time share resales […]

Florida Timeshare Scams Inspire New Legislation

be sure to check out a timeshare resales company before doing business with them. Their ability to network with title companies, realtor/brokers, and handle negotiations . . . […]

Timeshare Scams in Florida Getting Busted

So who is actually selling timeshares on the resale market? It is a well documented fact that the timeshare staff of has facilitated the sale of over $100 million in […]

Timeshare Scam Employed 20 Orange County Work Release Inmates

What do you get when you combine a timeshare scam with a credit interest marketing firm? H.E.S. Systems.

With about 70 employees they were systematically convincing timeshare owners that they had their timeshare sold and all they needed was a couple of thousand dollars to get it closed. They took the money and did nothing in […]

Timeshare Telemarketer Admits $30 Million Fraud

The center of the fraud was when the employees of her company, Universal Marketing Solutions, told timeshare owners that they already had buyers for their timeshare. Then they would solicit several thousands of dollars for “closing […]

Connecticut Advised of Timeshare Scams

The Department admitted in the article that some timeshare resale companies do in fact sell timeshare. However, there is a plague of timeshare scams scattered around the […]

Nine Orlando Timeshare Businesses Raided

Given the current economy, many timeshare owners are looking for a way to sell their timeshare. Unfortunately, they are being preyed upon by timeshare scams like this. If you are wanting to sell your timeshare ask for their company address or copy of their timeshare […]