St Maarten And Timeshares: Clear Laws And Sensible Regulation Needed

St Maarten to put laws in place that help everyone make sense out of the way timeshare resorts are managed and how the nature of timeshare vacations are contractually […]

Your Best Chance To Exchange Your Timeshare

if your inability to exchange your timeshare for what you want has frustrated you to the boiling point there is a solution: Sell your […]

Wyndham To Convert Timeshare in Australia

This will be an outstanding addition to the Wyndham portfolio of luxury resort timeshare […]

How To Get The Timeshare Exchange You Want From RCI

if you have continued to pay maintenance fees for a timeshare that you can never get, for a vacation you never take, or for good times you’ve paid for in advance but aren’t having any fun then sell the […]

Krystal Resorts Puerto Vallarta Gold Crowned

congratulations to Krystal Resorts’ Puerto Vallarta for their fifth straight year of achieving their Gold Crown […]

The Best Beach in the West

. . the best selling beach timeshares on the West Coast. Coming in at #1, Marriott Newport Beach timeshare resort has 3 major things going for it: […]

What Does Gold Crown Mean?

Hundreds of customer reviews go into the process of deciding whether or not a timeshare is up to the standard of being a Gold Crown […]

RCI Adds 150 New Resorts

RCI has added over 150 new timeshare resorts to their exchange […]

Exchanging Your Timeshare - 3 Easy Steps

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a timeshare is having trouble exchanging you timeshare for another. I have heard stories from hundreds of timeshare owners who complain they can never make their timeshare exchange work in their favor. It does not matter if you use RCI or Interval International. The complaints are the […]

Two New Silverleaf Timeshares Offered With Steep Discounts!

It is not often that two Silverleaf timeshares come available for sale on the same day at such a great discount.

*REMINDER* Don’t pay retail prices. Buy resale timeshares!

Silverleaf Holiday Hills timeshare resort in a relaxed setting

The first one, Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills in Branson, Missouri, is a week 8 2 bedroom unit with an owner’s […]

Timeshare Points - Erosion of Timeshare Value

you will have to buy more timeshare points over time to keep up with the inflation that is built in to points […]

RCI Adds More Timeshare Resorts In 2013

The benefit is obvious to the members of RCI timeshare exchange […]

Timeshare Exchange - Frustration Leads To Refund

If prospective timeshare buyers knew what it takes to get a timeshare exchange that you want, fewer would end up buying a […]

RCI Adds 43 Timeshare Resorts For Exchange

RCI, the largest timeshare exchange network, has added 43 new timeshare resorts to it’s exchange portfolio in the first three months of […]

RCI Weeks Platinum Membership - New Levels of Exclusion

Will this mean higher timeshare exchange rates, fewer weeks to choose from, last in line, or getting blocked out of choice weeks at certain resorts? […]

RCI Makes Changes to Exchange "Visibility" ?!?

In the past most timeshare exchanges were like asking the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain for a vacation in Hawaii, only to get a studio unit in an off season in Detroit. (Is there a red season in Detroit, or even a timeshare?) […]

Social Media and Timeshare recently published an article about how timeshare developers, exchange companies, and resorts have plunged into the world of social media. Most report that as they use this media, the biggest advantage is consumer education, not sales. For example, Interval International, a timeshare exchange company has developed this:  “The password-protected site is based on Interval’s […]