I Have Got To Sell My Timeshare!

How do you go about selling your […]

What Should I Sell My Timeshare For?

Just remember, your timeshare will not sell itself. If you do nothing you’ll get nothing in return. […]

What Do Timeshares Do For The Economy?

Polo Towers Timeshare Las Vegas

What sort of impact do you think the timeshare industry has on the economy in the US? Does it matter? Of course. This vacation oriented industry creates jobs, contributes taxes, and generates economic activity that helps to keep the economy moving along. It can also be an indicator of how […]

New Timeshare Scam Lurking

“For just $ XX we can recover all the fees you have paid to anyone to sell or transfer your timeshare”. Now you are hopeful that you will at least get your money back. time share […]

The Word is "NOW" If You're Talking Timeshare

Timeshare buyers are increasingly aware of the deals they can find on the timeshare resale […]

2013 Timeshare Buyers Market

use a timeshare resale specialist that has a network of other professionals like brokers, title companies, escrow, attorneys, and so […]

Choosing A Timeshare Resale Company - It's All About Trust

Market your timeshare for sale in the secondary timeshare resale marketplace. Over $100 Million in Timeshare Sales have been […]

2013 New Year's Resolution - I Will Sell My Timeshare!

If your resolution for 2013 is to sell your timeshare, then the procrastination is over. And this is the place to start. […]

Tools For Selling Your Timeshare

At some point everyone will consider selling their timeshare. They may decide not to sell, but they will consider it. Part of that process for making the decision will be figuring out where to set the price – or decide what the timeshare is […]

Florida Time Share Resale Scams - New Law Needs Governor's Signature

New Florida timeshare resale law intends to curb timeshare scams and fraud. Time share resales […]