Disney Vacation Club Sales - First Half of 2015

The first six months of sales of Disney Vacation Club have been slower than in 2014 but […]

Is There a Market for Timeshare Resales?

The folks at www.RPMLS.com have facilitated over $100 million in timeshare sales all over the world and apparently know how to get the job done. […]

Are You Sitting on a Pile of Timeshare Cash?

You just might be sitting on a pile of timeshare cash if you own a timeshare that you’d need to sell. It may not be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but, if you have a timeshare you are not using or can’t exchange it like you want you may as well sell it. . . . […]

What Are My Options For Selling My Timeshare

The only place that brings all these timeshare specialists in one network is at www.RPMLS.com. They have over $100 million in timeshare sales that have been produced as a result of their targeted marketing […]