Stop Paying Your Timeshare Maintenance Fee And Watch What Happens!

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What happens if I stop paying the timeshare maintenance fee?

The timeshare maintenance fee. You know, the bill you receive every year for owning a timeshare with annual dues. The maintenance fee you never thought would be over $400. The maintenance fee that is now over $1,000 a year and keeps going up!

Out of frustration over the cost of maintenance fees thousands of timeshare owners decide to just quit paying it.  And just like you, they hope it just goes away. But nothing in the world of timeshare is ever that easy.

You will receive threatening letters and calls to try to get you to start paying again. The timeshare management companies will threaten you with all sorts of bad consequences – one of which is damage to your credit. And yes it could damage your credit. Yet not all timeshare resorts get around to reporting it to any credit bureaus.

The bottom line is that you will eventually lose the timeshare in a foreclosure. Whether or not it is a judicial foreclosure or non judicial foreclosure also depends on the state the timeshare is in.

Judicial Timeshare Foreclosure

Courthouse Steps Auction

For example, in California, the resort managing company will file a Notice of Default. The Notice of Default will give you 90 days to pay the bill. If you don’t pay it they will begin foreclosure through the county the resort is in.

Once they put a lien on your timeshare they can foreclose as soon as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions allows them to. The timeshare management company will file a lawsuit against you and get a judgement from the court allowing them to sell the timeshare to satisfy the debt. That is how it works in a judicial foreclosure state.

Non Judicial Timeshare Foreclosure

In Florida and Nevada, timeshare foreclosure is non judicial: completely based on the Declaration and state guidelines. Your timeshare will be sold off in a nonjudicial trustee’s sale.  Some of the other non judicial foreclosure states include Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas. Massachusetts and Vermont.

Regardless of the process, if you stop paying your timeshare maintenance fee you will lose your timeshare. The same applies if you stop paying on the loan on your timeshare.

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