Sheraton Vistana Orlando – The Hottest Timeshare Resale Of All Time

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Yes, the Sheraton Vistana Orlando is the hottest selling timeshare of all time. The folks at have sold every week, every type, every section multiple times over. If you own a Sheraton Vistana Orlando timeshare and want to get rid of it this is the time to sell. Now!

Not only does this timeshare resort have high customer satisfaction, high accolades from their employees, and a sizzling resale record, you can sell your timeshare with confidence that this is the number one timeshare most often sold on the resale market – ever.

If you were to lump all the Marriott timeshare resorts into one, it would be number one. But, in single resort sales, the Sheraton Vistana Orlando is the number one best seller on the resale market.

Here is a sample of one for sale there: The owner says get it sold! This two bedroom week 15 is new on the market for sale and the owner is asking $16,500. A Serious discount off of retail pricing.Just on the market this week too!

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