Successful Timeshare Sales Testimonials

Sold“Don’t confuse efforts with results.” Ever hear that quote before? I have. I first heard it from a Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

And when it comes to selling your timeshare, the same rule applies. What you want is results. Sales. A closing check.

Sure, lots of fly by night timeshare resales companies can take a fee, run an ad, but how many timeshares have they sold? Some have sold none. Some have sold a few. The experts at have sold well over $100 million of timeshares. That is the results you need.

These happy former timeshare owners sent these comments in after receiving their closing check:

“The Professionals who worked at Your company showed their Expertise and Professionalism. These Professionals were very courteous as well as warm and friendly. All of My questions and concerns were always answered promptly. ”
– A. Wright
“Their politeness, and accuracy.”
– J. DeSzily
“The agent knew the property value well”
– D. Marks
“I had seen negative press on the web regarding timeshare resales. Therefore, I felt little reluctant. However, my experience with your company has been extremely positive. Thanks.”
– A. Khachatryan
“We were kept up to date on what was happening and were treated with respect. On sort of a different note, we liked dealing with Kelly Robinson at Quality Timeshare Closings.”
– Keeler Living Trust
“the personal contact the efficient, timely manner in handling the sale”
– D. Heeke
“good service”
“No hassle, not too much contact, only what was needed. I liked everyone I talked with.”
– R. Helms
“Debbie Taylor worked on my behalf to find a timeshare week of the specific week and location I was seeking. She also facilitated satisfactory price negotiations between buyer and seller. ”
– R. Garrett
“simple process, quick”
– T. Klein
“Ease of communication”
– S. Karman
“The fact that everything was handled efficiently and in a timely manner.”
– F. Fontz Jr.
“Answered my questions and returned my calls promptly”
– R. Avezzano
“They did what they said they would do. I was skeptical at first, but with each step realized that all was being taken care of. If they would like to contact me again about selling another of my time shares I would consider it!”
– V. Schuster
“the communication and availability”
– T. White Trust
“Great service!!!”
– R. Yingling
“Things they liked most: Knowledge and help of Ms. Rodgers”
– M. Groten
“Karri always kept in contact.”
– J. Kaye
“Professional and kept in touch through the process.”
– C. Stoopack
“They got the timeshare sold!”
– M. Mayfield
“You were able to sell and unsellable time share in this economy. Timely communications and professionalism. Ralph”
– R. Langham
“Friendly and competent staff who went out of their way to assist me in the sale of my condo.”
“The efficient way they handled the sale of my timeshare.”
– D. Suliteanu
“Ease of finding properties and the sales reps. Everything was great.”
– Better Timeshare Brokers
“What I liked the most was that I was kept in the loop when it came to the process as it happened via emails.”
– D. Garcia
“Speed and professionalism.”
– G. Vaysblat
“Very impressed with Kita”
– J. Haddow
“We were able to sell our timeshare”
– R. Busick

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