Renting a Timeshare For Your Next Vacation!

Starr Pass Arizona Desert

Starr Pass Arizona Desert

Even if you do not own a timeshare, you can rent one for about the same price as a maintenance fee and get all the same luxuries that come with ownership – without having to take the 90 minute tour!

Plus, when you rent a timeshare you will get a much larger room, a kitchen, probably your own laundry facilities in the unit, and all the amenities that come with the luxury of a timeshare resort. Family activities, pools, tropical settings, beautiful mountains, exotic locations are all within your reach when you rent a timeshare. Ever considered Hawaii, California, Colorado, Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas? All are available when you just rent it!

Vail Avon Beaver Creek Ski Vacation

Sheraton Mountain Vista Ski Timeshare Resort

The obvious advantage is in not having to “own” a timeshare. Owning a timeshare includes paying the annual maintenance fee whether you use the timeshare or not. So that if any year you do not use your week you will lose your week of timeshare. That is unless you bank the week (more fees), exchange the week (more fees), and actually get the week you want when in reality it can be a long shot at best.

Owning a timeshare also has some disadvantages that some folks would just as soon avoid. Here’s a big one that comes up from time to time in cyclical fashion: the Special Assessment Fee.  Oftentimes  timeshare owners are caught off guard by this fee. It will tend to come up when hurricanes damage the timeshare resort, major renovations are done, or other times when parts of the timeshare need to be upgraded.

While the subject of Special Assessments needs its own series of articles on this blog, let me just insert some of the timeshare contract language that repels lots of timeshare owners: “the Annual Use Fee shall be increased annually by such percentages as may be necessary to offset any increase in Operating Costs and Replacement Reserves over such costs for the  calendar year and in no event shall be increased more than ten percent (10%) per year cumulatively.”

The fly in the ointment is just what defines an “operating cost” and why aren’t repairs covered by the requirement for capital reserve investment for such occasions.

Back to renting versus owning a timeshare condo for your next vacation and avoid all the owners’ issues.

How do you do it? Search the best timeshare rental inventory make an offer, get it booked, and make your plans to take a great vacation!

For example a simple search for Las Vegas turned up great deals at Grandview at Las Vegas, The Jockey Club, and Tahiti Village. Some priced as low as $800 for the week! That is an awesome deal!

Rent a timeshare vacation condo!

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