I Need My Timeshare Sold - How Much Can I Get For It?

I Need To Sell My Timeshare – What Is It Worth?

That is the first question most people ask when they are talking about selling their timeshare. How much can I get for my timeshare? What is my timeshare worth? What is the market value of my timeshare?

All are fair questions. None of them have an easy answer. Figuring out what a timeshare is worth is nothing like getting and appraisal on a house or a comparable market analysis from a realtor.

Residential homes are most often sold through an MLS listing. Data from all sales is compiled in the MLS and provides the data to determine the likely selling price of your home.

There is no standardized MLS database for timeshare that covers areas in the way that residential properties do.

What is your timeshare worth? Whatever a buyer is willing to pay. Usually a timeshare sold by the owner goes for a discount of anywhere from 25% to 50% off the retail resort developers rate.

When making the decision to sell your timeshare consider the cost of owning the timeshare. That, by the way, is not a plus. The annual maintenance fees must be paid or your ownership is in peril.  I had a client once who insisted the maintenance fees he had been paying for 20 years could be added to the value of the timeshare. Sorry, but no.

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