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Silverleaf Fox River ResortNow THIS is an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal about the timeshare resales business.

Here’s a great quote from the article “While onsite brokers have access to a captive buyer market and promote consistent pricing, this monopolization of resale inventory may actually deter resales by limiting the overall marketing of the property.

Kona Coast Resort timeshare for sale

Kona Coast Timeshare Resort

For example, at Calini Beach Resort in Sarasota, an onsite broker holds the majority of resale listings. Owners there are faced with a 35% broker commission requirement and marketing that appears to be limited to a single website and onsite flyers which target existing owners and renters.”

In fact, Marriott timeshares also do some resales for the owners. BUT, they charge huge commissions and have a strange system of offering the resales of timeshares.

Timeshare Professionals

It’s All About The Timeshare Network

From the top timeshare resales networking site: “Once you decide to sell your timeshare property, our team of professionals and affiliated licensed timeshare resale resorts specialists, all using our exclusive computer system and matching software, begin the process of selling your timeshare to potential buyers or renters data based in our system. We match to their specific resale needs. Our experienced timeshare resale specialists can handle the transaction from start to finish unless you want to do it yourself and save the money.”

But the peace of mind you gain by using a Timeshare Resale Broker is priceless. You would be astounded to hear how many timeshare owners are at the end of their rope with their timeshare. Life’s circumstances change for everyone. But sometimes when they do, there is no room left for the timeshare, the payments, or to vacation the same week each year.


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