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Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

From comes this free e-book: How to Sell a Timeshare in Today’s Market.

There are no strings attached, no credit card needed, no hitch, no catch. Free information is hard to beat. When it comes to selling your timeshare you can’t have too much information.

Here’s how they describe it:

“The How to Sell a Timeshare in Today’s Market ebook was written on behalf of timeshare owners for their use if and when they decide to sell their timeshares in the secondary market.  It’s basically a handbook showing the choices available to them as to the many alternatives that exist for reselling a timeshare.

  • This free e-book lays out a step-by-step, easy to read summary of  what a timeshare owner can expect before, during and after the sale process.
  • It describes the various options available to owners to sell their timeshares – including certain resale practices to be avoided and why.

This is a FREE e-book.   Please feel free to bookmark it or download it, print it, and keep it handy for reference purposes in the event you want or need to sell your timeshare.   Better to know in advance what to expect – so you can make the right decision when sale time arrives.”

Tahoe Seasons Resort Timeshare For Sale

Tahoe Seasons Resort Timeshare For Sale

So then, just what is today’s market like? Heating up quickly according to all the big timeshare developers. Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, and Disney all have renewed timeshare projects that were put on the shelf, buying new property with the intention of building new timeshares, and refurbishing their existing properties. The surge in timeshare sales overall has a big effect on timeshare resales. With so many potential timeshare buyers looking and touring resorts there are a lot of buyers who don’t buy because of the price or sales pressures.

That is when they go to timeshare resales specialists to get what they need. And their numbers are growing according to recent studies. Studies have shown that in 2014 the fastest growing segment of the timeshare resales market are those who already own timeshare and are looking for a more cost effective way to buy them. They are flocking to timeshare resales companies and buying.

So now is a great time to sell, today’s timeshare market is great, and consumer confidence is the “rising tide” that is lifting and holding it up.

Get it done!

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