Summer Bay Timeshare Resort Sale - 3 Bedrooms

Summer Bay Timeshare Resort

Summer Bay Timeshare Resort

I put the size of the timeshare unit in the title because that is the beauty of timeshares! Especially those that are as large as a 3 bedroom at Summer Bay timeshare resort. Two years ago I stayed at the Summer Bay resort and totally enjoyed it. We were very close to the Disney attractions, all our favorite activities in Orlando/Kissimmee and had tons of space.

My observation of  The Summer Bay timeshare resort: Well maintained, great attention paid to the guests by concierge, housekeeping, and the entire staff, and the place is beautiful. Playgrounds, a large lake, and tropical palm trees keep you in that vacation state of mind.

Timeshare Vacation Resort

Summer Bay Timeshare Vacation Resort

So what have others said about Summer Bay? On TripAdvisor after over 2,000 reviews it received 4 out of 5 stars in every category. Here’s a review posted yesterday that sums it up for almost everyone: “Summer Bay spacious living room and privacy are the highlights of this resort! The kitchen is equipped with everything you may possibly need. Neighborhood has many restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacy. ”

What about other timeshare resorts in the area? What about them. They’re all over the place and they are just about the same: Small, overpriced, and not kept up.  BUT, here’s some of the outstanding samples of timeshares nearby that would be perfect: Liki Tiki Village Resort, Palisades Resort, Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake (one of my favorites for me and the family), and Emerald Island Resort Villas.

When you consider how much you pay for a cheesy hotel room in Orlando or Kissimmee and how little you get in return, a timeshare just makes sense. A timeshare with 3 bedrooms is huge! Plus you have a full furnished kitchen, large clean modern bathrooms, and space to stretch out. I will never stay in a hotel again when on vacation. I will stay in a timeshare, save money compared to a hotel, and get ten times the luxury amenities, space, and attention to detail. It just makes sense.


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