Vacation Travel Deals for Retirees

Marriott Shadow Ridge

Marriott Shadow Ridge

As baby boomers begin entering the typical retirement phase of life, thoughts turn to leisure time, travel, and sticking to a budget. Even yesterdays San Francisco Chronicle recommends finding travel discounts by using timeshares as part of a cost cutting plan:

“Timeshares are generally not a great real estate investment, but they can be a good investment in your travel expenses, if you consider their value in relation to what you will realistically spend renting vacation homes, or at hotels and resorts for the next several years. If you travel frequently and know that you want to return to the same location repeatedly, you can save up to 67% on a timeshare by skipping the developer and buying through the timeshare resale market.

Bluegreen's Christmas Mountain

Bluegreen’s Christmas Mountain

Resale timeshares can often be found online through various sites, but there are brokers that handle them as well, to resolve concerns around legitimacy. Reputable sites like also include resale listings. The key to a successful timeshare is knowing that the location will be appealing in the long-term, both to you as the owner and to potential renters or buyers.”

The timeshares advertised for sale at generally come fully equipped from the sheets on the beds to silverware in the kitchen. They usually have one, two or three bedrooms and baths with kitchens, living areas, dining areas, washers & dryers, and some have whirlpools, fireplaces, balconies and high-tech connections for the internet, etc. Many resorts offer tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants saunas, and athletic facilities. Your timeshare can offer you and your family not only that dream vacation you’ve wanted for so long – but also, all the conveniences of home!
You also get the benefit of fabulous locations that are flexible through timeshare exchange programs. For example by owning a timeshare you could travel to many destinations like:

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