Focus On Puerto Vallarta Beach Timeshare Resorts

Recently an online travel magazine rated their best beach timeshare resorts in Puerto Vallarta. I did not much care for their selections – I guess I am partial to my favorite timeshare resorts in Puerto and Nuevo Vallarta. So here are MY selections for the best timeshare beach resorts in Puerto Vallarta!

Paradise Village Spa and Resort

Paradise Village Spa and Resort

My number one choice of a timeshare resort in Puerto Vallarta/Nuevo Vallarta is Paradise Village Spa & Resort. The timeshares at Paradise Village have resale prices ranging from $3,000 to $30,000. You can buy a timeshare at Paradise Village for a great price and these days affordability is a big factor in making your timeshare purchase a smart one. Price is not the only reason Paradise Village is my #1 choice. The real reason is the setting. Seriously!

Quite a few reviews of Paradise Village Spa and Resort reflect the same thing. Not everyone will have the same experience. Many complain of poor facilities, worn carpets, rusted vending machines and so on. Plus you’ve got to remember people will bad news seem to spread it twice as much. Happy customers don’t spread their views as much as unhappy. That’s just the way it is.

Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer those on vacation. Whale watching, theater, the arts, music festivals, holiday festivals, shopping, night life, and the list goes on. Vallarta usually celebrates important dates with large public concerts involving famous artists of national and international importance. These concerts normally take place in the outdoor theater “Aquiles Serdán” (Los Arcos del Malecón) and in el “Caballito”.

Great Location for a Great Vacation!

There are tons of beach timeshare resorts to choose from in Mexico, but Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta take the prize. Cabo san Lucas comes in second and should be mentioned for certain. Cabo is host to international fishing tournaments, the sight of extreme water sports, and features some of the most exotic and beautiful beaches in the world. Year after year Cabo draws millions of tourists who delight in the atmosphere as well as the affordability of a Mexico vacation.

Anyway, happy planning on your next beach vacation! I’d say consider this place in your plans either to exchange, rent, or buy resale.

Here are some other top choices for beach timeshares in the area: Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta, Club Regina Puerto Vallarta, Universal Vacation Club at Villa del Palmar, Villa Del Palmar, Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta, Buganvilias Resort, Sea Garden Marina Vallarta, Club Velas Vallarta, Rancho Banderas Villas.


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