Motley Fool and Marriott's Spinoff of Timeshare

On a well known website the writer gives an interesting analysis of the spinning off of timeshares by Marriott. In the title he referred to it as a “Shake Off”. The main reason for his negative view of the move because of the severe drop off in sales after 2007. The drop has been huge and was dragging Marriott down. His article begs the question: Will others follow suit? What about Westin, Sheraton, Disney, and others who brought their big names into the timeshare sales business about twenty years ago?

Because of tight financing for their product and buyers who often need that financing their sales have dropped sharply. Some at ARDA say the business is bouncing back. I wouldn’t call it a bounce as much as treading water. Sales continue but are not growing at a rate that makes shareholders happy. There go the corporate suits making timeshare a commodity like soybeans or pork bellies.

His final advice “Avoiding Marriott Vacations Worldwide is what is ultimately in the “best interest” of investors.” is sure to raise the eyebrows of the old school timeshare folks – especially at Marriott.

In any event if you want to stick with Marriott and pick up more timeshare units check out these low priced timeshares for sale.

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