Hilton Expanding Hawaiian Village In Waikiki For Timeshare Towers

Hilton Hawaiian Village’s permits to build two new towers for timeshares has been approved by the Honolulu City Council. With the Waikiki location this would greatly expand Hilton’s presence on the island. In addition, Hilton estimates that this project would add hundreds of jobs with the $760 million expansion.

Not everyone is pleased with the timeshare project. A lawyer representing the owners of the land under one wing of the existing Diamond Head Tower is crying “foul”. Their complaint is that they had no knowledge of the plans for expansion. Their complaint may fall on deaf ears since the expansion does not occur on their land.

Waikiki is experiencing lower hotel expansion and a rising demand for timeshare units. The reason is that timeshares in Hawaii consistently produce higher occupancy rates than hotels. This is a well proven fact and that is what the investors are banking on.

Hilton Grand Vacation Club is known around the world for their first class timeshare projects. These timeshares always perform well on the timeshare resales market. Here is a list of the top ten best selling HGV HGVC or Hilton timeshares:

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