Carriage Hills Timeshare Resort - Sales Price Reduced

Not a misprint! You should be aware of other fees involved with buying a timeshare and the annual maintenance fee. But if you want to get in on a timeshare deal that is in a fantastic location, check this out. North of Toronto and situated close to Lake Simcoe is this timeshare for sale.  The Carriage Hills timeshare for sale here is a week 3, floating, two bedroom, gold ownership, odd year timeshare. At $5 you can’t go wrong! Browse other Carriage Hills timeshares for sale.

It may be possible that this is a lock off unit and can be split into a one bedroom plus a studio. BUT be sure to check with the resort before buying to make certain. Plus, the broker, agent, or rep may have a floor plan or deed on file you can review.

Timeshare resales are THE way to get into timesharing. No doubt about it. Think about how much you may have spent or had to spend to buy a timeshare at the resort. That is not the way to part with your hard earned cash. Buy resale – do not pay retail!

Canada timeshares are a great value on the resale market now. There are loads of deals to be found (maybe not this cheap).

Most of the Canadian timeshares for sale (resale) are located near mountains for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, or other extreme sports.

These are the hottest timeshare deals – EVER!!!

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