What is the Best Timeshare in Aruba to Buy, Rent, or Sell?

In Aruba you have many choices when it comes to timeshare condos.  If you want to buy or rent an Aruba timeshare, first take a look at the Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club: Separated from the magnificent Caribbean Sea by a lovely white, sandy beach, this Five Star property offers the ultimate in luxury vacations. Great name. Awesome amenities. Next I would recommend considering Costa Linda Beach Resort and La Cabana Beach Resort. The La Cabana has quite a few units to choose from and are generally more affordable.

The Playa Linda Beach Resort is another fine choice for Aruba timeshare condos. Here’s a great photo from one of the balconies:

Playa Linda Beach Resort Timeshare Aruba

Playa Linda Beach Resort Timeshare Aruba

So, if you want to buy, rent, or sell a timeshare in Aruba, these four are a great start.  Remember, as always, buy resale, and don’t pay retail prices.  Check out the services of www.rpmls.com for everything you ever wanted to know about buying or selling a timeshare in Aruba or any place else!

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