If Ever I Wanted To Buy a Canadian Timeshare – It is NOW!

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Grand Okanagan Resort - Canadian Timeshare

Grand Okanagan Resort – Canadian Timeshare

You’ve heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Texas Flood”? If ever those lyrics applied here in Texas it is now! And to boot, June is forecasted to be the hottest on record.

I don’t much feel like laying in the heat under a palm tree, umbrella or tiki hut. Forget it. My sandals melted on the last manhole cover I stepped on.

I’m thinking more like Vermont, Denver, New Hampshire, or better yet Canada. Yes, Canadian timeshare vacation spots in the summer are not just cool, they are great places for families, everything outdoors like  hiking, fishing, camping, photography, taking in the mountain scenery, and more.

In the timeshare resales market Canada offers a huge array of choices. The very best selling timeshare on the resale market in Canada is Intrawest Resort Club Blackcomb.

In fact at the moment there is only one timeshare left for sale there!

Other timeshares in Canada focus on areas like Whiskey Jack, Banff, Whistler, and Kelowna.

Finding a deal on a timeshare in Canada may just save you money on your home electric bill as well! I know the bill for my A/C in June this year will be a zillion dollars just to keep the house a chilly 80 degrees.

Hurry up Fall!

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