If You Don’t Sell Your Timeshare Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

 Mar, 25 - 2013   2 comments   Sell Timeshare
Cash For Your Timeshare

Cash For Your Timeshare

Especially when your next maintenance fee bill arrives.  It has been often said that the best value of a timeshare is in its use. And if you are not using your timeshare, then it is time to sell it.  Throughout life our circumstances change in ways that prevent us from doing a lot of things we would rather do. Sometimes a job will be too unpredictable to allow us to plan for vacations and specific check in dates at our timeshare. Or perhaps changes in health may prevent someone from traveling as much as they’d like. Whatever the reason, if you are not using your timeshare every time it is available to you, it becomes a money pit.

Where to Start? If you are reading this, you have made a good start by researching your options. Sadly, most resorts offer no help in selling your timeshare for you. Running your own ads will probably attract unqualified buyers and low offers. Worse, you might be persuaded to pay someone hundreds, or thousands of dollars to just take your timeshare from you (then flip it on youknowwhere.com).  I’d say check out www.rpmls.com. They offer sellers’ guides, video guides, catalogs, interactive maps, and so on. Collectively, they have hundreds of years of timeshare resales experience. If they can’t sell it, nobody can.

Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate. It won’t sell itself. Wait much longer, and you’ll have yet another maintenance fee bill for something you don’t use.

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  • brey123 says:

    Beach vacations during summer, is my pleasure, but I haven’t thought of buying timeshares. All I know is that it is difficult to get rid of timeshares. Some buyers cannot prevent some horrible financial situation in maintaining their timeshares. It’s great that there are possible ways in preventing these horrible situations.

  • Bob Yorke says:

    Timeshare at Playa Naco in the Dominican. Want to sell.

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