Why Does My Timeshare Hurt?

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Does your timeshare hurt like mine does? It complains the most when the maintenance fees go up. It hurts when routine maintenance goes undone. My timeshare hurts when the owner gets special assessments bills in the mail that are hard to understand. My timeshare hurts when it gets overbooked a year in advance and no one can get a reservation there.

There is only one cure for this pain in your timeshare unit:  Sell it. Sell your timeshare. Put your hurting timeshare in the hands of  someone else to tend to. A hurting timeshare takes too much energy, resources, and aggravation to take care of – Especially if it causes you pain in return.

Sell it. You might hold out hope that you can salvage this timeshare relationship you have by renting it out. But that just brings on more headaches. More Pain. More Hurt.

Sell it.

When should you sell your timeshare? Sell it now before it brings you down with it. Timeshares hurt, and they will hurt you until you sell it off to some other happy owner.

How should you sell your timeshare? Through the timeshare specialists at www.RPMLS.com.

They will make the timeshare go away where it can hurt with someone else. Not you.

No more timeshare maintenance fees, no more hassles, no more impossible booking requirements.

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