Read This Before You Buy or Sell Your Orange Lake Timeshare

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A few years back a study was published on showing that Orange Lake Country Club timeshares in Orlando Florida was their 3rd best selling timeshare over the last five years.  Not too long ago, I stayed there on a family trip to Orlando.  One of the most popular features was the newly added water park and lazy river.  There were plenty of places to lounge by the massive pool, waterfalls, and childrens’ play area.  This resort is spread over a large area, and offers a wide variety of accommodations and activities for all ages. Vacationers here enjoy 80 acre Orange Lake plus on shore amenities that include a 27-hole golf course, a huge tennis complex, an olympic size pool, miniature golf, whirlpool spa and a restaurant.  My favorite was jet skiing on Orange Lake!

By the Pool at Orange Lake Country Club Timeshare

By the Pool at Orange Lake Country Club Timeshare

A visit to the resort would be a good idea before making your decision to buy Orange Lake Country Club.  You will have many choices – villas, highrise, tennis units, golf villas, studio, one, two and three bedroom timeshare units!

If you want to sell Orange Lake Country Club timeshare, use  Nuff said!

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