Here Are The Las Vegas Timeshare Deals

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Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Timeshare Las Vegas

Las Vegas timeshares have a lot to offer!  First and foremost is location.  The entertainment, nightlife, music, and dining are some of the best in the world! If you were to buy a Las Vegas timeshare condo on the resales market, you would save a small fortune over time.  That is, if you use it.  Owning a timeshare, and not using it, is like paying insurance for a car you never drive.  It is only useful if you use it.

If you are thinking, “Should I sell my timeshare in Las Vegas?”, ask yourself this one question: Which would you rather have, a closing check after selling it, or a deed for a property you never use?

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Marriott Grand Chateau Las Vegas Timeshare

Year after year goes by and you find yourself not being able to use your timeshare like you first thought you would. Your circumstances in life have changed and you can no longer vacation or travel as before. The rational thing to do would be to sell your timeshare.  It is a “depreciating asset” in the technical sense of the word. It is not growing in value. It is not making you money. It costs you money to own it.

The smart thing to do is to sell your timeshare. It just makes sense.

Then there’s the prospect of buying a Las Vegas timeshare. It is a buyers’ market for timeshares generally speaking and it is especially true in Las Vegas. Huge numbers of timeshares have been sold in the Las Vegas area and on any given day there’s a huge number of people wanting to sell their timeshare. The timeshare owners know they will not make a profit from selling their timeshare. They just want to get rid of the annual fees. Their loss is your gain when you buy someone’s timeshare. You WILL get a deal! Buying a timeshare on the resale market averages 25% to 50% less than the going rate at the resort!

If you want to buy a Las Vegas timeshare, here’s my favorite list: HGV Club at Flamingo, HGV at Las Vegas Hilton, Polo Towers, Jockey Club, Summer Bay at Las Vegas, and Marriott’s Grand Chateau.  There are many other timeshare condos in Las Vegas but lots of owners have given high praise for these.

Browse Las Vegas Timeshares for sale.

Sell your Las Vegas Timeshare.

Sell your timeshare.

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