When It Is Too Late To Say No or How To Dump Your Timeshare

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Many people have a hard time saying “no!” Some may see that as a sign of generosity and caring. Unscrupulous sales people see that as a sign of weakness and the chance to make a fast buck! After being held captive for hours and hours many have caved in and said “Yes” to buying a timeshare. And then in the following days or weeks buyers’ remorse sets in. But by then, the chance to back out, known as the rescission period, has elapsed. You are stuck with the timeshare.

It is too late to simply say NO to timeshare.

So are you really stuck with the timeshare? 

In a few rare cases I have seen the timeshare resort take back or the timeshare and cancel the sales contract. However, there would have to have been extreme circumstances such as a disability or threat of legal action to compel them to undo the timeshare sale. A few timeshare resorts offer a “buy back” program but the details always favor the resort, not you.

Sadly, most of the time the resort developer will turn a deaf ear to your story and expect you to keep up your end of the deal.


That’s when you should turn to the professional expertise of a timeshare resale broker. Immediately, they will understand your predicament. Thousands of people with the same situation have found relief and been able to sell their timeshare.

A timeshare resale broker will have your interests as their first priority. That was not the case when you first bought your timeshare. The timeshare sales people were only interested in getting you to say “YES” to their offer – no matter how long it took. And they probably threw you in front of several sales managers, offered you extra perks, and beat you down until you submitted. Don’t feel bad. Several million people have had the same experience.

Entrusting the sale of your timeshare to a broker is a wise choice. They will have the kind of experience needed to find a buyer, negotiate the best deal for you, and get it closed. Plus you get the added security of knowing a timeshare resale broker will have the credentials and training to get your timeshare sold.

Even though it is too late to say “NO” to buying timeshare, it is not too late to say “NO” to paying maintenance fees year after year for something you will never use again!

Put your timeshare in the hands of the right person and you can tell it “Good-bye!”

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