RCI Weeks Platinum Membership – New Levels of Exclusion

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RCI, the world’s largest timeshare exchange company, has announced their newest income generating center: RCI Weeks Platinum.

Buying into the RCI Weeks Platinum Membership program does have advantages. Discounts, room upgrades, first in line for new inventory, and other perks will come with that membership.

But what will it cost those who are not members? Will this mean higher timeshare exchange rates, fewer weeks to choose from, last in line, or getting blocked out of choice weeks at certain resorts? Maybe.

RCI faces the never ending questions by the membership on why they cannot get what they request. Their normal answer is the same – ask for your timeshare exchange sooner, be more flexible with your date selection, and pick different regions. Or maybe you could pay a handful of upgrade fees? Every year?

Fees. That is what fattens up the bottom line for profits at RCI. So does renting out owner-banked weeks. Shouldn’t they offer the owner a piece of that rent if the owner cannot get an exchange? Perhaps they should but they, that is you, never will thanks to the fancy agreement you signed when joining RCI.

On the surface it sounds like RCI is making improvements in their timeshare exchange program.

Not everything that glitters is gold.

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