RCI Adds More Timeshare Resorts In 2013

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RCI is always adding more timeshare resorts to their inventory. 2013 is looking to be another big year for RCI. So far they have added 93 properties to their collection of over 4,000. 93 timeshare resorts sounds like a large number. Adding it to 4,000 makes it about a 2.5% increase. That is not a very large increase. But what the resorts add are unusual locations that RCI members may have had no or limited access to previously.

Royal Sun Resort

Royal Sun Resort Tenerife Turkey

For example, Emet Termal Resort & Spa in Turkey, located in a botanic garden in the Emet district of K├╝tahya, was recently added to the resort network. The resort has an outdoor pool and spa centre with indoor thermal pools and a Turkish bath. Other Turkish resorts added by RCI this year include Royal Sun Resort in Tenerife, Akasya Vadisi Resort, located approximately 70 kilometres from Ankara in Turkey, and The Omer Thermal Hotel and Holiday Village in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey. Another new resort, Club Mahindra Kanatal, is tucked away high above sea level in the mountains of India. The stunning resort blends with the surrounding snow-capped peaks and offers views that seem to stretch on forever. This is just a sample of the new and interesting locations RCI has added to their collection of timeshare resorts for exchange.

The benefit is obvious to the members of RCI timeshare exchange network. They have a continuously broadening selection of fine timeshare resorts to choose from for their holiday and vacation planning. Long time members can keep holding on hoping that one of the locations on their “wish list” may some day appear as available. They may be able to fulfill a life long dream to travel to a certain location, at a certain time of year, or for a special event.

Himalayan Foothills Timeshare Resort - Club Mahindra Kantal

Himalayan Foothills Timeshare Resort – Club Mahindra Kantal

The ever expanding choices RCI gives to their network of timeshare owners is impressive. And there are many happy members of RCI. Those who are having the best experience of exchanging their timeshare are able to do three things to make it work for them.

1. Plan Ahead – Making a timeshare exchange request 9 months in advance is not an easy thing to do. You don’t always know what may be on your family’s schedule that far in advance. However if you can carve that date out of your calendar and keep it clear you will have more success getting what you ask for when dealing with RCI and timeshare exchanges!

2. Pick Several Locations – Don’t just request the same exact location or resort three different ways. Be flexible on the location of your vacation destination. You’ll greatly increase your odds if you do.

3. Flexible Check In Dates – In order to have the best chance of getting close to where you want to be and close the right time you need to be a little flexible about when you want to check in to your vacation timeshare resort.

Follow these three tips and you’ll be getting more RCI timeshare exchanges that make you happy!


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