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 Aug, 17 - 2011   1 comment   Sell Timeshare Resales

This is a BIG story!

The President and two other Disney Timeshare execs were fired because of a huge mistake on maintenance fees at their Hawaii Aulani timeshare. The Aulani timeshare had a starting level maintenance fee of $690 and thanks to that being set too low (how low can that be?) they stand to lose a huge amount of cash. Disney’s Aulani timeshare project – including 460 time share villas and 359 hotel rooms – was built at an estimated cost of $850 million. How long did this Disney project sell timeshares with the wrong fees? Over a year. A YEAR! Wow. Someone was asleep at the switch. I wonder if they fired their Controller?

Disney is refusing to say how many timeshares they contracted with this life long wrong fee. But they did say that they will adjust their timeshare fees for future timeshare sales (which in the meantime, have been suspended).

Ok, so the Magic of the Magic Kingdom has lost some of its glitter. Disney Vacation Club has such obsessive standards for perfection – how could this show stopping error go on for so long?

Disney still will provide awesome, albeit expensive, vacation experiences for their customers. At an ever increasing cost. But that cost is also relative to other spiraling vacation expenses.

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