Want to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico? Are you concerned about clearing all the hurdles it takes to get your timeshare contract cancelled in a foreign country? I admit the process can be intimidating but once you have a handle on the right agency or agencies to contact canceling your timeshare in Mexico is not so hard. Expert advice on international timeshare sales and transfers.

Yet as widespread and valuable as the timeshare industry is, the resort developers have yet to embrace the secondary market for timeshares or standardize how owners can sell their timeshare without losing their shirt. Insight on what is driving the big corporations to raid the pantry of available weeks that owners have banked!

Misrepresentation – getting sold a timeshare that ends up not being what you thought you were buying. You NEED to know what your rights are when it comes to cancelling your timeshare contract. If there was any misrepresentation in your timeshare sale you have several options. Keep reading to see what they are!

The upcoming timeshare auction is much larger with 900 plus timeshare units. The lowest suggested opening bid is $100 and the highest is $2,600. Some of the timeshares will be auctioned off for the minimum bid based on the last auction. Could your timeshare end up in one of these auctions? Keep reading to find out