Nine Orlando Timeshare Businesses Raided

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On Wednesday Orlando Police raided nine timeshare businesses and took about 20 people in for questioning. An Orlando timeshare station, WFTV Channel 9, was at the scene and shot this video. According to the report these businesses all are related, and one of them was identified as Jams Management.

No arrests had been reported but that may change today.

Timeshare fraud and scams seem to flourish in Orlando Florida. The area has a history of these boiler room operations that have no licensing, credentials, or experience in anything except deceptive practices and fraud.

Given the current economy, many timeshare owners are looking for a way to sell their timeshare. Unfortunately, they are being preyed upon by timeshare scams like this. If you are wanting to sell your timeshare ask for their company address or copy of their timeshare credentials. If they are legitimate they will be happy to comply with such a simple request. Or you could review their timeshare broker’s bio.

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