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In 2012 Orlando timeshares continued to shine as some of the very best timeshares on the resale market. People still want to travel to Florida and stay in Orlando. And they want the convenience and savings that timeshares bring. The historic best selling Orlando timeshares still hold the top five spots. Based on current resales data from closed sales the top five best selling Orlando timeshares on the resale market are:

Sheraton, Orange Lake, Hilton, and Marriott once again dominate resales in Orlando. And why not? They have done so for several years. Buyers of timeshare seem to prefer top named resorts from well known developers. They trust the quality and security a big developer brings to the table. It also may indicate that their resale value may hold better through the years.
About Sheraton Vistana Orlando: Just one mile from Walt Disney World, Vistana is an oasis of fun, privacy and security in a relaxed, secluded setting. Amenities: 13 tennis courts, six pools, seven outdoor hot tubs, four recreation centers, a general store, and two restaurants. Also enjoy tanning beds, basketball, volleyball and other activities. And on the timeshare resale market they present an affordable price at 25 to 50 percent off the developers price. That’s a great deal on discount vacation lodging.

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