New York Timeshare – Hilton and Manhattan Club Timeshares

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When it comes to arranging an overnight stay in New York City two things quickly come to mind: Price and Parking.

The parking issue is fairly simple to overcome with one of two solutions. Either pay a huge amount of money or park further away and take a train. The last time I was in NYC I took the train. No problem.

What about price for lodging? The “huge amount of money” applies here too. A growing number of people have discovered the flexible and affordable option of using a timeshare – either by owning one or renting one.

This morning I ran across this article: “Get Your Slice Of The Big Apple Now“. The entire article is singing the praises of Hilton’s timeshare project on West 57th Street. Only two years old, this dedicated timeshare building is 80 percent sold out! That is excellent for those who want or need a week, a day, or an affordable rental in New York City. The location? Within walking distance of Fifth Avenue and Central Park. Doesn’t bet much better than that.

A long time timeshare development in Manhattan is The Manhattan Club. Also strategically located near Carnegie Hall and Broadway, they offer excellent amenities, price, and locations.

Both the Manhattan Club and the West 57th Street by Hilton Club will get a huge amount of attention from the timeshare exchange community. Loads of people want to go there and few are likely to bank their Manhattan timeshare.

It just makes sense.

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