Misrepresentation in a Timeshare Sale

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Bait And Switch timeshare sales

Misrepresentation – getting sold a timeshare that ends up not being what you thought you were buying. In an effort to hide flaws or undesirable qualities of the item for sale, good features are more prominently presented and emphasized. The actual cost of the deal may not match what you were initially told. Extra fees were added in along the way until you got the actual bill and had to pay.  You were shown a “display” model and purchased sight unseen a similar model. Later you find out what you bought is nothing like what you were shown.

Bait and switch? Yes it was.

Here’s a true story with the timeshare owners’ names changed:

Mr Jones: “Did you get the copies of my timeshare deed I mailed to you last week?”

Me: “Yes sir I did. I have a few questions for you after looking over your purchase contract and deed. The contract and deed both say you have a one bedroom unit that is available odd years only. Is that correct?”

Mr Jones: “NO! I was shown and bought a two bedroom unit that was annual – every year. I am sure that is what I signed for.”

Me: “Did the timeshare sales people give you copies of the sales contract before you left?”

Mr Jones: “No they said they were understaffed and would mail them to me. I got them 3 weeks later. I never really looked at the paperwork.”

Unfortunately Mr Jones was taken for a ride on this sale. He fell victim to a true bait and switch.

Some other ruthless timeshare sales tactics include:

  • Changing the contract at the last minute to give you a lesser quality item at the higher price.
  • The use of distractions, guilt, and dramatic math charts that are based on impossible expectations.
  • The “good only for today discount” approach to pressure the buyer to make a buying decision on the spot before having a chance to read over the timeshare buyers’ contract.
  • Passing the prospect from sales person to sales manager to a higher manager putting greater pressure on each time to push the buyer into a buying decision.
  • Promising a high resale value if they decide to sell it later. Making use of the term “investment” in relation to a timeshare is worse than deceptive – the opposite is the truth. A timeshare decreases in value quickly.

For years, timeshare developers have been promising to clean up these sales tactics, but as recently as November of 2016 Wyndham lost a $20 million case in California for deceptive claims used against elderly people. Despicable.

If you were the victim of this sort of misrepresentation in a timeshare sale you need professional advice. You need someone on your side who can sort this out and make things right again. Don’t despair that the corporate timeshare developers are too big to fight.

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