Marriott Vacations Worldwide – Seeking New Locations To Build More Timeshare Resorts

 Jan, 20 - 2015   2 comments   Buy Timeshare Resale
Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Marriott Timber Lodge Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Marriott Vacations Worldwide announced they will be looking to expand their presence in Asia and North America. They are looking to build resorts in areas where they presently have none.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide (timeshares) has a market cap of $1.573 billion and a P/E ratio of 31.38. Their stock has been recently raised to “Outperform” by Zacks, and six equities research analysts have rated the stock with a buy rating.

When Marriott first announced that it was going to spin off the timeshare division it was like a mother hen pushing the runt out of the litter. Marriott timeshares were not doing as well at the time – but then no timeshares were. Now that all the “recession era” timeshare inventory is quickly selling off they need more new timeshares to sell.

One true clear sign of a rebounding economy is growing luxury sales. I’m willing to bet that sales of RV’s, boats, and sports cars are rebounding as well. I’ll prove the point: “BMW Group posted its highest ever sales for July, with a total of 152,349 vehicles delivered worldwide, an increase of 12.3% over the same month last year (prev. yr. 135,613). Worldwide sales year-to-date also reached an all-time high with 1,106,876 vehicles sold, an increase of 6.8% over the same period in 2013 (1,036,179). ” Or this from (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association)  “RV shipments are projected to grow 7.5% in 2014 to 307,300 units, according to Dr. Richard Curtin, Director, Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan. January shipments totaled 24,379 units — 30.5% more than the same month in 2013.” Or from “Purchases of powerboats — which include yachts, pontoons and fishing vessels — rose 18.9 percent in July from a year earlier, according to figures from Statistical Surveys Inc., a research company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshares For Sale

So are you a believer yet? Sales of timeshares are bouncing back. All the major timeshare developers are getting busy building, buying, and renovating anything they can market as a timeshare. It makes good sense now.

How can you take advantage of this surge? This is the best time to sell your timeshare or buy a timeshare.  Selling a timeshare is easier because the demand is obviously there. A huge demand. That is the main signal that your odds of selling your timeshare have gone up.

Buying a timeshare is also in the cards for you if you are ready. There are thousands of timeshare owners who are ready to sell their timeshare and need you to buy it. 2015 will be the year you get your dream vacation timeshare at a great discount price!


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  • Was curious to hear more about the potential locations that Marriott is considering here in North America? I know that it won’t be an easy decision to make.

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