Marriott Plus Las Vegas Equals a Great Vacation!

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Three cheers for Marriott Vacation Club International and their plans to double the size of their Grand Chateau on Harmon Ave in Las Vegas! While at first you may wonder why such a large project (895 villas, four 37 story towers) would be moving ahead in today’s economic environment, you should know that this resort accounted for $110 million in sales for 2008. That’s got to be one of the top selling timeshare resorts in the world! So of course, build the other two towers, keep the excitement going, and keep the sales successes going at Marriott Grand Chateau!

Marriott Grand Chateau TimeshareEd Kinney, vice president of corporate affairs for Marriott Vacation Club International said that the Marriott Grand Chateau project in Las Vegas “has benefited from Marriott’s strong brand as well as from 390,000 existing customer families referring friends and family to Marriott timeshares.” (source) The naysayers and bloggers taking potshots at the timeshare industry need to take note of this success story. Marriott Vacation Club has 390,000 members because it provides a superior quality experience – both from a buyers’ perspective as well as an owners’ perspective. And while others have canceled nearby projects (Wyndham’s Desert Blue timeshare near Rio) I applaud Marriott’s success!

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  • Dear Timeshareresaleblog,
    Cool Post, Hey Does anyone know anything about this Marriott timeshare sale stands in major casinos in Vegas.
    I heard they offer you nice deals like a ticket to a show or even cash If you just take a tour to a Marriott hotel which takes few hours .
    Does anybody have an idea if it’s a real deal at all?
    Thank you!
    I look forward to your next post
    Lonnie Gibson

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