Manhattan Club – Here Comes Another Lawsuit

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

For many years the Manhattan Club (timeshare) on West 56th Street was the only timeshare lodging in the big apple. Others have arrived and the Manhattan Club owners are noticing a recurring problem at the Club: maintenance fees and lack of available rooms.

In fact, some of the 18,000 timeshare owners have filed suit against Manhattan Club for that very reason. The case will be heard in the New York State Supreme Court. There are plenty of stories of how no one seems to be able to book a room but rooms remain available for rent. Puzzling.

Then there’s the maintenance fee. Some of the annual maintenance fees are as high as $2,200. On owner was quoted as saying, “I can get a cheaper room at the Hilton!” Probably so. Maintenance fees have been rising faster than a speeding bullet. Timeshare owners there are fed up and have taken action in court.

The timeshare resort has been sued before and prevailed. They seem to think they will do so again. Having 18,000 owners of just 286 rooms seems to leave more than a few (thousand) on the sidewalk. You should know that most Manhattan Club members own less than a week. So maybe somewhere inside the accounting office they can account for the other 3,128 timeshare owners. Good luck with that Manhattan Club.

For my money I bet New Yorkers would rather go to Aruba! Especially with the winter storm heading their way this week. AND, especially if their timeshare seems to never be available even 6 months in advance.

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club

And now, for something totally different –  Aruba!

In the Caribbean Aruba stands out for many reasons. Perhaps the international culture, maybe the tropical beaches, or maybe just the atmosphere. Whatever the reason those who travel seem to adore Aruba and have made the following timeshare resorts stand out among their peers:

These timeshares all have units available for sale at dramatically reduced prices. (Maybe if the Manhattan Club owners had bought theirs this way they wouldn’t be so mad.)  At any rate, the Marriott timeshares in Aruba stand out as having been the best selling timeshares in Aruba for many, many years. Thanks to their impeccable reputation for service and quality lodging they will likely enjoy that reputation for many years to come.

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  • Catherine Runyon says:

    I concur with everyone who complains about not being able to book a room at the Manhattan Club. We currently own two timeshares at the Manhattan Club and we always so frustrated that we can never get into the club even if we book exactly 9 months to the day.
    How do I find out the results of the pending lawsuit?

  • Sabina Slavin says:

    My husband and I have owned one week at The Manhattan Club since 1997. We have experienced the same difficulties reported by others of skyrocketing maintenance fees and inability to book space. How can we join the lawsuit?

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