Who is Looking out for the Time Share Owner?

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Hawaii Beach Big Island timeshare

When you first bought your timeshare you were enticed with exciting trips, friendly staff, free tickets to shows, and, yes, the goofy gifts.

Everyone had a big smile and was your best friend. After all they were helping you make this dream vacation last forever. By exchanging your timeshare you would now be able to go to places you never dreamed of going like Hawaii, Canada, and all the exotic beaches of the world.

You sign the contract and look forward to many years of exciting vacations!

Time goes on and issues begin to arise with your timeshare like rising costs of the maintenance fees and exchange requests that never turn out the way they promised they would. After a few years of not being able to go where you want with a timeshare exchange and rising costs you start to wonder if this was a good decision after all.

You start calling Owner Services to get help and they wind up trying to sell you more of what you couldn’t use in the first place.

Who is looking out for the timeshare owner?

Not the timeshare resort.

Now you want to sell your timeshare and get out of the program altogether. Do you think the resort will help you do that? No, they almost never do. All they want you to do is pay your maintenance fee every year and quit bothering them.

If you are wanting to sell your timeshare you need the help of someone who is on your side. A timeshare resale broker. They have a mission of always putting you first, getting the most they can for your timeshare, and providing the expertise required to close this deal. Getting your timeshare off your back.

Once they sell you a timeshare they are done. Timeshare resorts are sales driven animals. If it doesn’t promote sales or increase their maintenance fees they are not interested.

Who is looking out for the timeshare owner?

Timeshare Resale Brokers.

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We pioneered the first timeshare resale broker website on the Internet in 1995. We advertise on many more.

People wanting to sell and get rid of a timeshare benefit from the professionalism of a licensed timeshare resale broker who stay on top of the ever changing technology as well as industry direction. We work with all buyers for the vacation properties registered in our database. We have a team of REALTORS® and personnel who are forever assisting the buyers, sellers and insure that the time share sale transaction is as smooth and easy as possible. Call today to get rid of the timeshare albatross!  Call us at 1-800-247-4392

Experience: We have sold and closed timeshares in over 29 countries, in 47 states in the USA, have closed deals with sellers and buyers from over 89 countries. We have helped thousands of owners get out of an their unwanted unit.  We have a program that gets you out of your property without waiting for a buyer too.  This stops the fee payment burden right away.

We offer all our expertise to you!

What are you waiting for, Call us from the USA or Canada at 1-800-247-4392 or Internationally 1-936-588-4884.

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