Labor Day Weekend & Timeshare Occupancy

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The Williamsburg Yorktown Daily ran this article “Irene May Have Been Sucker Punch for Tourism”. Timeshares on the East Coast are still feeling the impact of hurricane Irene and are likely not to be 100% ready for Labor Day. Tourists are also hesitant to get on the road with the fear of trees and power lines across the road and structural damages to bridges and highways. The good news is that timeshares normally run a higher occupancy rate than hotels. That’s good for the economy and recovery for all areas.

If you had plans to go on a short vacation I would say go. But be sure to check first with the timeshare resort or other destination before you leave. Also check with your State Highway Department or Department of Emergency Management to confirm that your travel plans take you on a safe route.

Areas most impacted by hurricane Irene include all of New Jersey (timeshares in NJ), Coastal South Carolina (timeshares in SC), Connecticut (timeshares in CT), North Carolina (timeshares in NC), Massachusetts (timeshares in MA), Vermont (timeshares in VT), and others.

Occupancy this coming weekend was best summed up here: “Colonial Williamsburg spokesman Tom Shrout says CW will be ready for Labor Day guests who are looking to get away for a long weekend.” As for whether he thinks visitors will come to the area, “I think it depends on how people were affected where they live in terms of whether they have power, how much clean-up they may have ahead of them and so forth.”

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